[Update 2/14/2018:]
From Ben Curren, GreenBits:
The Green Bits register will perform a wildcard inventory search but only when the retailer hits the ADD button and searches for a barcode in keyboard mode. It is not ideal to ring out items with the ADD button because orders take significantly longer and the risks of selling the wrong lot increase dramatically without barcode scanning. It is 100% possible for a Green Bits retailer to scan a barcode with a truncated global ID number and sell the correct lot. However, in order to do this the retailer must scan or type in the truncated ID to the"barcode" field on their manifest. I've included an example below.

With new id's comes new bar codes.

Id's now contains "alpha characters" which cause our code 128 barcodes to have a ton more data, which causes more 'bars' in the bar code- which causes things to become blurry and un-scannable.

To fix this, we've encoded only the last part of the Id in the bar code data to make it more readable to scanners.  We've made this the default, but you can turn this off at any time.

[UPDATE 2/8/2018]
We have officially heard from LEAF that the last section of the bar code is indeed unique. This means the Retailers are able to scan the bar code, and use the same bar code in their store with out data entry, making changes, or relabeling received product.

Important! Make sure your retailer/receiver will accept labels with a truncated barcode.  Some retailers have been rejected this saying this is "non-compliant" (it is fully compliant)  

What this means to you

Your bar code are already updated with the new style so they cleanly scan. Now, retailers will be able to receive these items. There is some confusion out there with some retailers but will will attempt to work with the industry so everyone is on the same page.

The boring details:
This is a bar code with "All Data" (aka the 'Global Id') encoded, WAM416929.IN4QHK, woah, that's a lot of data

This is a barcode with "IN4QHK" encoded, much nicer

You can always turn this off by going into the label editor and removing partialId=true from the barcode data..

Also: You may also need to configure the bar height and other options for the barcode as it's dimensions are changing.

If you are using the full id, make sure to test scanning the barcode as it can come out blurry.

Is this legal?  
We are not lawyers, but you can review the packaging rules here from the LCB.  

The WAC requirement is that the id is on the label, and the Manifest which it is.  Bar codes are not required, and are more of a convenience.


(11) All marijuana and marijuana products when sold at retail must include accompanying material that is attached to the package or is given separately to the consumer containing the following warnings:
      (b) Sixteen digit inventory ID number assigned by the WSLCB's traceability system. This must be the same number that appears on the transport manifest;

Question: I need to print the full barcode, but it's still not scanning, what do I do?

You may need to buy a new scanner, or increase the size of the barcode on your label.

Here is another official announcement from GreenBits on how their system works with barcodes.  Please work with your retailer on what format they will support.

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