Managing plants is über easy with GrowFlow, and everything is always visible in the place where it's currently located in your "Grow" overview. Read on to learn the GrowFlow suggested way to manage plants from seed to sale.

Here's the summary:

  • You're not legally required to track plants until they're > 8" tall
  • Until promotion from "Clone" >> "Plant", just track all plants with Clone Lot ID
  • Once plants are > 8", you have to promote them to individually ID'd plants
  • Waiting to promote = saving tags & time + easier traceability
  • Buy a solid printer (vital)
  • Use waterproof & UV resistant labels
  • You are the Eric Clapton of growing weed

Clones ("immature plants") versus > 8" Plants ("mature plants")

The WSLCB does not require a Producer to track plants with individual ID's until they are above 8", which is great! Until your plants are to that point, we can take the easy way out and simply track by "Clone Lot" and quantity of clones in that lot. For management and tagging ease, we strongly suggest you do not promote clones to individual plants until necessary.

Let's break down the tagging process...

"Clone Lots" can be tagged en masse, so one tray of 50 clones only requires one ID tag with the ID and quantity of clones belonging to that ID. Additionally, even if you promote vigorous clones to individual pots to allow for additional root growth, as long as those clones remain below 8" tall you can tag each individual pot with the "Clone Lot" ID number - still no need to track pots individually. Once clones are promoted to plants they are required to have their unique individual IDs. 

Here's where the advantage of only promoting plants until absolutely necessary comes in...

You can much more easily print out 50/100/200 clone lot tags of the same ID and affix them to the outside of all individual containers, put tags on a stake right next to the <8" plant, or wrap identical waterproof tags around the very base of a tiny plant. By doing this way, you can kill off nonviable clones and simply adjust the quantity of clones in the lot in Grow Flow's inventory overview. This is super easy to do and much faster than tracking down individual IDs to make sure you're destroying the correct ID that corresponds to the killed plant.

Things are never easy with the WSLCB...

Once they are above 8" in height, you are legally required to promote them from clone lot to individual IDs. This is where the step above is an advantage. There's no point in promoting 100 clones to individual IDs prematurely, printing all new individual tags, and having to deal with tracking individuals before it is necessary (especially if only 60-80% actually survive). Way to watch out for the environment and save labels, and way to conserve your own time and money. You're practically Eric Clapton, you rockstar you.

Now comes the individual tags...

By the time the plants are > 8" they are definitely tall enough to wrap a weatherproof plant tag around the base trunk, thus satisfying the WSLCB requirement for having each individual ID tag physically attached to its plant. 

With the right printer/label setup, you only have to print the individual IDs and tag the plants once. As the plant grows and becomes stronger, it will be able to support the weight of a plant tag without that weight disrupting its perpendicular vertical growth (and thus disrupting your beautiful straight canopy).

When the plant is tall and strong enough to support tag weight, you can gently slide the tag up over the lowest hanging branch or easily locate the individual ID in GrowFlow and print a single new tag to re-apply. This will keep it out of the dirt, water and, most importantly, nutrient applications that may cause the printed ink to deteriorate.

The most important part: PRINTER! 

Any industrial printer is going to be worth its weight in gold in how much time and effort it will save you. Investing in a solid printer will pay itself off in tagging/tracking labor costs over the first few harvests you have it. These kinds of printers print the ID & barcode directly onto the tag and are not cheap (we're talking several thousand dollars). That being said, if you only have to print individual tags once, wrap them around the cannabis plant once, and move it up a branch once, the hours you'll save in labor and convenience of only having to bother with tagging permanently once is 100% worth it. 

The other important part: Labels!

GrowFlow label templates can be configured to work with whatever printer and label setup you choose to go with. The best plant tags/labels are "wrap" or "collar" tags that function like an adjustable bracelet. To ensure your one-time application of these tags last for the whole growth cycle, make sure they're UV resistant and waterproof.

Happy Plantings!!

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