After January 1st, 2019 all cannabis products in Washington must display the universal symbol.

Minimum size requirements are 0.5" x 0.75" for the Not For Kids symbol, and 0.75" x 0.75" for the 21+ symbol.

Symbol must be in color.

How do I add this to my products?

Option A (more common):

Order color labels from this site to add to the packages separately (good if you don't have a color printer or room on your existing labels to fit)

Here's a link where you can buy them, make sure the ones you buy are at least the minimum size requirements above:

Option B:

Add the graphic to your custom label

For this option, you'll need to have a full color printer and enough space on the label to include these graphics at their minimum size.

In the 'configure' option of your label, you can add a section and include the graphics. 

To add the image, click + Upload Image button on the right hand side under Options. Then drag the image into the box and click Upload. For best image quality, save the image to be uploaded at 300dpi and the actual size you wish to print it (0.75" for most cases).

Once the image is uploaded to GrowFlow, you can insert it into a new section of the label.

Click +Insert Image, and select the universal symbol (set the height & width to 54 x 54 pixels if you didnt upload at the exact size)

A brand new section will be added to the bottom row of the configuration page that contains just the image. It will look similar to below.

Repositioning the universal symbol on the label will depend on what other content is already there, design/layout, font size and space available. Hit us up on chat support if you need any help or have questions!

Find out more on label configuration in our Label Tutorial 101 article

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