Below lies the complete WAC 314-55 subsection on QA testing. Use CTRL+F to word search this page to find anything pertaining to a specific keyword of interest!

But first, some basics:

QA minimum sample sizes

  • 4 grams for Flower Lot
  • 6 grams for Flower
  • 1 gram for Concentrates (Extracts)

QA Requirements:

  • Conversions from one inventory type to another requires QA for each type
  • You must QA Flower Lot (created from parent Flower) prior to packaging
  • If you QA the parent Flower ID, you will have to re-QA all progeny Flower Lots prior to packaging - make sure you are QA'ing the flower lot to be able to convert that QA'd lot to product.
  • If you QA Flower Lot then convert to Concentrate you have to QA the resulting Concentrate lot

For more specifics, please check out the full WAC and RCW codes here: 

Quality Assurance Sampling Protocols

Quality Assurance Testing

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