Making sure everything is running smoothly in your retail store can be difficult at times but we're here to help! You can easily set up alerts that will notify you when specific occurrence happen. This can be in the form of a text message or email to get real time notifications.

First, let's figure out how to Add a New Alert.
In the top left hand corner, click the icon with your initials and select alerts.

From here you can manage and add new alerts. Start by clicking the green plus icon at the top right of the screen.

Now you're able to set up alerts for Inventory, Orders and Shifts. 





View Alerts:
You can also go back to the alert page by clicking on your Initials again and selecting Alerts to view all past issues.


Alerts Not Showing
If for some reason you're not getting alerts, please check the alerts page and make sure it's active.

Unable to Add Alert
Make sure to check your permissions under user settings to see if you have access.

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