Setting Up an Employee Discount
Head to the Discounts page and create a new one specifically for Employee Samples. Fill out the appropriate sections like a normal discount, but this time set Can Be Applied When to Customer Status = Employee.

You can make this auto apply to employees or add it in manually but first it needs to know which customers are employees. 

Assign Customers as Employees

Add the employee as a user if you haven't already, this needs to be done before we can link it to a customer. After the user/employee has been added to the system, then create a new customer for your employee and scroll down until you see the Status section. Click on Employee to turn it on, then select the previous made user with the drop down section underneath.

After completing these steps, you're all set!!! Now just create an order making sure to choose the newly created employee and it will automatically or manually apply depending on the initial settings. 


Employee Discount Not Available
This discount is hidden unless the customer is already set up to be an employee. You may need to cancel the order if you added them as an employee after starting it.

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