Before you can create orders or returns, first you'll need to open up a register. 

Start Drawer

You’ll want to navigate to the Cashier Home page by clicking on the coin icon.

Think of this as your Cashier Home Page. On the top left of the page, you’ll see the option to Start Drawer, clicking it will give you the option to select the correct register you’ll be using.

 After verifying that the correct starting amount is in the register, input that number as the Starting Amount. This is your starting balance in order to give customers the appropriate change. Please note that depending on how your store is set up, you’ll either be prompted to put in a Total Amount or amounts based on each denomination. Then click Start Drawer to open a new Register Shift.

Now, go Start an Order and make some sales!!!!

Shared Registers
You have the option to have One User per Register or Many Users per Register. To change this go to Settings - Store - Cashier and choose between the two.

If Many Users per Register is turned on, there's a few things you'll want need to know before getting it started. First, all Budtenders who are using a cashier will need to set up a PIN number. This can be set under their user profile and reset by going here:

Once PINS are set, you can now start making sales on shared Registers. It's important to note that a user can only have ONE register opened up under their name. 

So let's say you have 1 register shared by all, you'll have the lead budtender log in with their Sign In and Start a Register. Then when an order is being created, it will ask for the PIN number of the budtender making the sale, this will record that order under their name. 

Now let's say you want to have 2 registers that you want to share users between. After signing in, anyone with permission and a valid PIN can process an order but first you need to have 2 different Cashiers sign in to GrowFlow under their own user log in and then start up a drawer. Once it's been started, then anyone who has permission can use it. But please note, a single Budtender CANNOT open more than one register. In the end, you'd have one employee logged in on one register and the other employee logged in at another register, each having started their own register. It's not until sales are being made that it will track who is creating the order. 


Start Drawer Option is Missing
If instead of seeing the Start Drawer option, you see a Register Number, that just means that one is still open and will need to be closed first.

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