To make things easier, I'd suggest first creating the following items before accepting a transfer:
Brands (Optional)

While all of it can be done while creating a transfer, it's usually easier to do those first. After you've completed the steps above, go to Inventory - In/Out - Transfers. 

Accepting in Packages

Click the green plus sign to start a new transfer and select Inbound. Depending on your state regulations, you may need to fill out the Transporter Information. Since you already created your suppliers, although if you forgot that step you can do it from the Supplier drop-down menu.

On the next screen, click Add Package to start bringing in product. You’ll want to have a Sku on your packages for cashiers to be able to scan, so go ahead and click the magic wand icon next to Sku, generating a unique number for that item. Next you’ll want to link it up to the product that you’ve already created, although you can also add in a new product now if you missed one by using the Product Dropdown menu. Quantity is the weight or units that you received. Remember, if it was received as bulk, accept in in that way, creating different sized packages comes later. If it already came individually packaged, then put in how many of those units you received. The cost per unit is how much you’re purchasing it for, the price it’s being sold as is linked to the Product, not the Package. Continue until you have entered in all of the packages, noting that you can click Save Packages and resume this process at anytime. Once you have double checked that everything is correct, Accept and Activate.


Profit Margin
Please check to make sure that the price you're selling the Product for is higher than what you're purchasing the Package for. If you have a negative Profit, make sure to either edit the Package to a higher price or consider purchasing it at a reduced price.

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