Adding in Product

Now that categories have been created but before accepting a transfer, you’ll want to first create Products that the packages can be linked to. Please note, if you receive flower in bulk and prepackage on site, you’ll want to create both products because when you accept it in, you’ll receive it as bulk and then convert it later. Navigate to Products under Manage and then click the green plus button to get started with adding product.

When creating a Product Name, try to stay consistent while also including some details to easily be able to differentiate it. Ex. Dutch Treat Bulk, Dutch Treat 1g, Dutch Treat 3.5g  Vape - Dutch Treat .5g, Vape - Dutch Treat 1g. If the item being sold is prepacked, you’ll want to select Each as the unit of measurement and put in the product weight while also making sure it’s in the correct weight format, grams, milligrams or ounces. Pricing type is how the total will be calculated. Simple is sold as is, tiered pricing allows customers to mix and match products while still getting price breaks if they hit a certain weight. Please refer to our Pricing Tier article for a more in depth look at how this can be set up and the benefits it has to you and your customers. You can also lock the item from being discounted, this is especially helpful when you’re selling it with a lower profit margin. 

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