Make sure to close your drawer at the end of every shift to prevent discrepancies. 

Closing Your Drawer
At the end of your shift, you'll want to make sure to close out your Drawer/Register. Click on your Current Drawer and then choose End Drawer.

It’s typically easiest to count your drawer down to the closing amount and anything remaining will be your Total Deposit Amount. Don’t factor in Drop amounts as those have already been counted, although it’s never a bad idea to do one final count of drops and ending deposit to make sure everything adds up and matches Cash Sales. Please make sure to stay consistent with Closing/Opening amounts. Also don't just rely on what the numbers show when you enter in the closing amount. While they should match up like below, you'll want to make sure the correct change was given to your customers. 

Closing Someone Else's Drawer (Admin Permission Required)

It's possible that an employee forgot to End their Drawer before leaving, and now you're stuck without that extra register. No worries, as long as you have the Admin Permission set to Edit for Registers you'll just need to navigate to Reports - Shifts. Then select the order and click Close Shift. 

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