Group pricing is a great way to encourage your customers to purchase larger amounts of your product by giving them a price break at predefined tiers. You can even set it so they can mix and match product or limit it to just certain products. 


Simple Pricing

$10 per gram

1 gram - $10
3.5 grams - $35
7 grams - $70

Tiered Pricing

As you'll notice, the price per gram is being reduced with each different tier. So while the price per gram will be lower with large purchases, it's a great selling point to encourage customers to get more product with each visit. You can also still sell weights outside of the tiered pricing list. So let's say you sell 4 grams, it will still be in the price bracket of 3.5 grams of $8.57 per gram. Once you sell 7 grams or over, it would then change to $7.86 per gram. 

Creating Tiered Pricing

Navigate to Inventory - Pricing Groups and then click on the green plus sign to create a new Group. 

Start by giving the Group Pricing a name that indicates the what type of product this will be associated with. The Weight Heavy amount is if you sell items in a deli style instead of prepackaged.  Turn on Do Not Combine if you don't want the customers to be able to mix and match product and still get the benefits of tiered pricing.

Then you'll just want to attach your new Group Pricing by locating the Product or creating a new and and set the pricing to Tiered. 

Understanding Combined Weight
When multiple products are under the same pricing tier, you may want to allow customers to mix and match their bulk flower and still get tiered pricing, this is where combined weight comes in handy. 

With Do Not Combine Weights turned On, if I buy 3.5 grams of two different flower strains, they will still be priced at 3.5 grams a piece, they were not combined into the 7 gram pricing. 

With Do Not Combine Weights turned Off, if I buy 3.5 grams of one strain and 3.5 grams of another, as long as they are in the same pricing group, they will combine to reach the the 7 grams tiered pricing, giving them the applicable price break.


Missing Margin and Profit/Sale

If you're using tiered pricing, this information will not show because the profit margin will change depending on the tiered pricing. 

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