Depending on the workflows at your shop, conversions can play an important part in managing your inventory. For example, if you receive bulk flower and want to turn it into a prepacked unit or joint, you’ll need to do a conversion. 

Creating a Conversion

To create a new conversion, on the inventory page, go to manage and then conversion, click the green plus sign.

Select the product and then the package that you’re wanting to convert. Then either select the product you are wanting to convert it in to - or - you can also create a new product on the fly using the dropdown menu. Choose how many new items you’re creating and - if your state uses the METRC reporting system - select if you would like to create a new METRC tag, then save and close.

Your new package will now be at the top of the list, including a new Sku under Destination Sku. Also, make sure to print a new label for the recently created Package.

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