The safest way to prevent incorrect inventory from being sold is to ALWAYS scan you product instead of manually entering it. 

Adding Product to an Order

Once in an order, the best practice is to use a Scanner and physically scan the barcode to bring up the item. To do this, click in the Search field and then scan the barcode.

Selling More than One
When selling multiple amounts of a Product, you can quickly add in the amount by clicking here and selecting Add Many to Order.

Manual Entry
If you decide to manually search for Products, you can but please be aware that if you select the wrong item, your inventory will be off. To do this, click the search field
and then type in either the Sku number or the Product Name. While we still don't encourage manually adding them in, it can still be useful for looking up a product. If you include the product weight in the name, you could also search for all your eights for example by typing in 1g into the Search field.

Bulk (Deli Style)

When selling Bulk, you can either enter in how much they're wanting to buy in weight or if they want as much as they can get with X amount of money. 


If you accidentally added a Product to an order that you didn't mean to, it's super easy to remove. Just click the item and then hit Remove.

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