While returns are never what you want, it does happen and we’ve made sure it’s super simple.

Finding Orders From Customer History
 Let’s say a customer purchases a vape cart that does not work and they’d like to exchange it. You can either look up the customer and view their history, and then find the order that with the Package(s) they'd like to return. If you have the receipt, this will help you find the order number. 

Finding Orders From Order Screen
You can also find the Original Order from the Orders screen. Once you've navigated to that page, click in the Search-bar and either type in the Order Number or scan the Bar-code on the Receipt. 

Completing a Return Order
Once you find the order and made sure you already have a register open, there will be a Return box in the top right hand corner, click there.

This new screen will look similar to a normal store but it will have a red banner saying Return. The neat thing is it will only let you return things that were actually on that order to prevent any mishaps. To make the return, you can scan the actual product, type in the Sku, product name or there’s even a drop-down box on the right that allows you to Select from The Original Order. 

After finding the correct Product, click Add to Return. Your screen should now look like this, with the Product back on the Order Screen.  Once all the products you're wanting to Return are on the screen, click Return Items. 

This will ask you if you’d like to restock the item, which most of the time will be yes. Even if it’s a broken vape cart, you’d more than likely still want to restock it and then transfer back to the original vendor. Things like a faulty battery on the other hand might be easier to just throw away, in which case you might not want to restock. Also there’s a section to fill out an explanation for the return, this is a good practice to have to keep track of product that you may want to stop carrying in the future. 

Once you’ve decided whether or not Restock the Product and have filled out a reason for the return, then just hit Complete Return. Hand the customer the correct change and reprint a receipt if needed. Please note that different States have different rules on returns, please check your local regulations on what type of products you’re allowed to return. Any loyalty points used for that item will be redeemed back to the customer. 


The Return Button is Missing
Since a  Return is a type of transaction, it will only allow you to process one if you have a current register open on the workstation you're using. 

Original Price Does Not Match Return Price
Sometimes the Return Price will not always match exactly to the Original Price.  This is because of how taxes and discounts are applied. Please Contact Customer Support if you'd like a better understanding on Returns Prices. 

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