To keep your staff safe from accidentally selling to someone underage, it's a good idea to set up a Age Restriction. 

Setting Up Age Restriction
Navigate to Settings - Compliance and then enter in the Minimum Age for Recreational and Medical according to your State laws. Make sure to turn on the Age Verification Before Order if you'd like GrowFlow to verify their age. Please note that fake ID's can still have scannable barcodes that can trick any system. 

Age Verification for Orders
With Age Verification turned on, now when you go to start an order it will ask your budtenders to either Scan Id or manually Enter DOB. When scanning, please make sure to click inside the search field and then scan the barcode. 

Age Verification does not check to make sure their birthday is what is entered into their customer profile as some users don't put that information in. It's just checking to make sure they meet the Minimum Age requirements that you entered in the Compliance setting. 

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