Enter Amount at Register Enabling this allows the user to provide the customer with custom discounts in case the set discounts don't offer what you're wanting to achieve.  Since the budtender will control the discount amount, it's a good idea to set some restrictions up. Limit Manual Discount Amount will allow you to set a limit to how much percentage off the discount can be. As an example, you could set it so that a budtender can apply any discount between 0-55%. For extra security, you can also require an Admin Pin to be input at each time of use. Lastly, can you still apply Rules to these types of discounts. One example would be only allowing these types for employees. 

Creating a Veterans Discount

Most GrowFlow Retail users have a Veterans Discount. We will go over how to create a few Veterans discounts.

First, determine what the discount amount will be. Is the discount is for one item or their entire purchase? Do you want to give them a percentage off, a dollar amount off, or give them their entire order for a particular price. Here are a few examples of how you can create a discount to honor our Veterans.

‘10% off Veterans Discount’ would be the name for a discount where the veterans gets the entire order discounted by 10% off

‘$10 off Veterans Discount’ would be the name for a discount where the Veteran gets $10 off their entire purchase. 

‘Veterans appreciation price $100’ would be the name for a discount where Veterans get their entire purchase for just $100 dollars, regardless of the cost and price of the products being sold.

‘20% off a pre-roll for veterans or ‘10% all flower for Veterans would be the name for a discount where you are discounting a percentage of a particular item for Veterans, like prerolls and flower.

‘$10 off vape carts for Veterans’ or ‘$5 off edibles for Veterans’ would be the names of discounts where you are discounting an item by a dollar amount for Veterans, like vape carts and edibles.

$1 dollar prerolls for veterans’ or ‘$5 edible for Veterans’ would be the name for a discount where you are charging a particular price for an item for our veterans, like a $1 preroll or a $5 edible regardless of cost or price.

After you determine what kind of Veterans Discount you would like to give our Veterans, open the ‘Discounts’ section of your 'Settings'. Click on the gear on the left hand side of the screen to get to 'Settings', then click on 'Discounts'. 

Creating a new discount.

To create a new discount, click on the green plus button on the upper right hand side in your Discounts section. 

Discount name

Before we add the name of our Veteran Discount, let us determine what kind of discount we would like to give our Veterans based on the discount. The name of the discount should have as much relevant information so that your budtenders know which discount to apply. Some suggestions would be ‘Veterans Discount 10% off purchase’, or ‘Veterans discount $5 off edibles’, or ‘Weekend Veterans Discount %15 off purchase’. 

Discount Type is how we determine how this discount is applied.

  • Entire Order by Percent are for discounts where you are discounting the entire amount of the purchase by a percentage. Examples: ‘10% off for veterans’, ‘20% off for new patients’, ‘5% off promotional discount’.
  • Entire Order by Amount are for discounts where you are discounting the entire purchase by a specific dollar amount. Examples: ‘$10 off entire purchase for Veterans’, ‘$5 off on Thursdays’, ‘$10 off entire purchase on Christmas Eve’
  • Entire order to Dollar are for very rare discounts where you will make the entire purchase a specific price, no matter how much the purchase was before. If I have a discount like ‘Veterans Day Veterans Price $100’, we will apply this discount at the shopping cart. This will bring the entire purchase down to $100, regardless of how much each product cost.
  • Item by Percent are for discounts where you want to reduce the price of a specific item by a percentage. Examples: ‘10% off all Chroma Cart vapes’, ‘5% off all Wana Sour Gummies’, ‘25% off all Kush Masters Shatter’
  • Item by Amount are discounts where you want to reduce the price of a specific product by a dollar amount. Examples of this would be ‘$5 dollars off all Pyramid Pens’, ‘$10 dollars off all Mary’s Medicinal THC Patches’, ‘$15 dollars off any drink on Saturdays’
  • Item to Dollar are discounts where you want to bring the entire price down to a specified amount. No matter how much the price of the product was, this discount overrides that price. Examples: ‘Any house shatter for $25’, ‘Buy a Coda Chocolate and get a single serve for $1 dollar’, ‘Birthday PreRoll for $1’

Discount Amount will appear as a percentage, or dollar amount, depending on the the Discount Type. Enter the discount percentage or amount for this discount.

Auto Apply Discount can be turned on so that discounts are automatically applied when conditions are met. This is convenient for recurring weekly sales (like Munchies Monday or Wax Wednesday). However, Auto Applied discounts do stack! So being very specific in your details help keep discounts from double stacking. With Auto Apply Discount off, your budtender will have the option to apply the discount as long as the discount conditions are met.

Can be applied when is where you can really customize what conditions have to be met in order to have the discount appear. You can be very specific, like giving disabled veterans bigger discounts on certain days of the week or Munchies Monday. The customization options are up to you. If you do not specify in the ‘Can be applied when’ section, this discount will be available always, for all transactions.

For a Veterans Discount, we want to select Customer Status in the 'Can be applied when' drop down menu. Then select Veteran.


For a Munchies Monday, you have to set up 2 rules. One for the day of the week (Monday), and the other for the Product Category (Edibles). To add a new line, click ‘+Add Rule’.

Now that you know what your options are, create your Veterans Discount.

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