Each employee will need a username in order to use GrowFlow Retail.

Create a New User
Go to settings, then select user. You will see a list of your current usernames for your current employees. 

To create a new user, click on the green box with the + on the upper right hand side. 

Edit a Preexisting Employee

To edit an already existing user, click on the name of the user you want to edit, then on the upper right hand side you will see a pencil icon. Click there to edit the user. 

User Settings

After selecting to create or edit the user, you will be taken to the user creation screen. 

Active - Turn on to keep the employee active in your system. Turn off to keep their information but they have no access to GrowFlow Retail. Ideal for employees who will be away for an extended period of time.

Username - This will be the employees username for GrowFlow Retail. This is not their Full Name.

Password - Enter the password for the employee

Password Again - Re-enter the password for the employee.

Enter their Full Name, their email (you can use the store email if the employee does not have one), the employee phone number, their drivers licence, and their Pin (pin numbers are for opening a sale).


If you would like to have this employee have access to everything in GrowFlow Retail, select Admin. If you want to select what permissions this employee has, select Custom Permission. By selecting the permission you want turned on, you can also select how much control you would like your employee to have. Budtenders ideally would not have access to Inventory, but they would have access to customers and cashier. You can select if your cashiers are allowed to make money drops and returns, or you can chose to keep these options off for the budtender. Your inventory clerk would not need access to cashier or customers. What permissions are granted to the employee are all at your control.

If you would like to add any documents to this employees records, you can add them in the Documents section. 

Save and close. You will see your new employee on your Users list.

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