The loyalty program is a 2 section set up. First, how are the Loyalty Points gained by your customer? Second, how will your patient be able to redeem their Loyalty Points?

First we will set up how your customers will gain their points. After we establish how points are accrued, we will set up the programs for the customer to use their points.

First we will set up how many points per dollar the customer will receive. Go to the left hand side of the screen, select Settings. It will default to the Store information settings. Scroll to the bottom of this window until you reach Loyalty Program. Click it to turn in on. Then select how many points a customer gains for each dollar spent at your store. Then enter referral points. This is how much the customer gains for each new customer he brings to your store.

Once you have established how your customers gain their Loyalty points, we will set up how they are redeemed. Go to the left hand side of the screen and select Settings, then select Loyalty. Click on the green + box on the upper right to create a new Loyalty redemption program.


If you want to make an edit to any Loyalty program, click on the Loyalty program you want to change. Then on the right you will see the details to the Loyalty program. Go to the upper right hand side and click on the pencil icon to get to the edit screen. 

Adding or editing a new Loyalty Program will take you to the same screen. Here we will begin to add the Loyalty information. Recommendations for Loyalty program names should have the points required, and how much of a percentage/amount/total price for an item or an order. . Examples: 100 = 5% off an item. Or 3000 = 40% off the entire order. 5000 = Entire order for $100

After entering the Name of the Loyalty program, you will keep Redeem Points at Register turned off (or else your budtenders can make any Loyalty program they want!).

Next enter the amount of points the customer is required to have for this discount to appear.

Loyalty Type

The loyalty type depends on the type of discount you want to give for redeeming loyalty points. There are 3 options for order based discounts, and 3 options for item based discounts.

Entire Order by Percent - This is for giving a percent off an order, regardless of the item. An example would be 250 = 5% off entire order, or 750 = 10% off entire order. After selecting this, enter the percent you will take off the order.

Entire Order by Amount - This is for giving an amount off the entire order, regardless of the items. Example would be 200 = $10 of the entire order, or 1000 = $50 off the entire order. After selecting this, enter the dollar amount you will take off the entire order.

Entire Order to Dollar - This is for giving away an entire order for a certain price, regardless of what the original price of the order is. Example of this would be 5000 = Entire order for just $100, or 3000 = Entire order for just $400. After selecting this, enter the price you will charge for the entire order.

Item by Percent - This is for giving off a percentage of a certain item. Example would be 100 = 5% off any Vape Cart, or 400 = 10% off any edible. After selecting this option, enter the percentage you will be taking off the item.

Item by Amount - This is for giving off a dollar amount off a certain item. Example would be 250 = $5 off any crumble wax, or 500 = $25 off any Coda Brand Chocolate Bars. After selecting this, enter the dollar amount you will be taken off the item.

Item to Dollar - This is for lowering the price of a specific item to a certain dollar amount regardless of how much the price of the item is. Example would be 100 = $1 PreRoll, or 750 = $7.10 gram of Kush Masters Wax. After selecting this, enter the price you will charge for the item.

Discount Rules

If you want your Loyalty program to always appear, be sure you leave Can be applied when blank. If kept blank, all your customer has to do to apply this loyalty discount is to have the points in their account. No extra steps needed. Select the color for organization. Save and close. 

Now you will see your new, or edited Loyalty discount added to the list in the loyalty section of settings.

Advanced Loyalty Program

When creating or editing a Loyalty Discount, you can add Discount Rules to make specific rules for when these loyalty discounts can be applied. Some examples are 50 = $1 prerolls for Veterans on weekends (normally its 100 = $1 for non vets). 

You can add more than one rule for the loyalty discount to appear. You can select what days of the week, what type of customer can have this loyalty program, you can choose what product gets discounted, if the amount exceeds a certain amount. These types of customization are entirely up to you. Below is an example of a discount for $1 PreRoll for Veterans on the Weekends for just 10 loyalty points.

First we called it 10 = $1 PreRoll Weekend Veteran, then we enter 10 where it says Points Needed, we then Select Item to Dollar in Loyalty Type, and enter 1 dollar. 

Discount Rules.

In my discount we are giving veterans a $1 PreRoll for only 10 Loyalty points but only on the weekends. So we set up the rules for Days of the week, and selecting Saturday and Sunday. Then we are selecting the Customer Status, and adding Veteran. Then we select the type of product, which in this case is the Product Category called PreRolls. Then save and close.

There are thousands of Loyalty discounts that you can create. Know what you want to create, and write it in the Loyalty name. Then, create the loyalty program to match the name you created.

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