Storage Locations serve as sub-inventories for your internal database. By default you have 2 Storage Locations in your database. Front of House, and Back of House. The Front of House for your sales floor and  Back of House for the back inventory room.

Go to the left hand side of the screen and click settings, then click on Storage Location. Click on the Storage Location you want to edit. You will see the Storage Location information on the right hand side. Click on the pencil icon on the upper right hand side. 

Storage Location Name - Here is where you can change the name of the Storage Location to help you better organize your inventory internally. Some GrowFlow users choose to change the Front of House name to Sales Floor, or Showfloor.

External ID - Leave blank unless your state requires.

Default Room - Tuning this on will make it so this Storage Location room will be the room all your inventory will entered when receiving product quantities. Ideally, this is for the back inventory room in which you receive all your products.

Not Sellable - Turning this on will make it so that any products in this Storage Location will not be for sale until after they have been moved to the Front of House inventory.

Hover the pointer over the ? for more information.

Creating a new Storage Location

You can create new Storage Locations to help you better organize your inventory. It is not uncommon for GrowFlow Retail users to create storage locations for their refrigerators, safes or Glass Cabinets for their glass products. 

To create a new storage location, click Settings, then click Storage Location. Click on the + in the green box on the upper right hand side. Enter the Storage Location name, and select if the products in this storage is Sellable or not. 

How to change storage locations

You can move your inventory from one Storage Location to another after you already have received inventory. 

To move your products from one storage location to another, click on Inventory, then Products. Click on the product you want to move. You will see the product information and inventory packages for this product. Click on the gear on the bottom right hand side of the Package, and select Change Storage Location. Select the new storage location for this package and save. 

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