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To set your printers for Package Labels, Exit Labels or Receipts, go to the left hand side of the screen and click on Settings, then click on Print.

Package Label - Are the barcodes stickers required for Products that are missing all compliant information on the physical packaging. 

Be sure you enter what your printer dimensions are for W (width) and H (height) in inches. In Margins, enter .01 for T (top), B (bottom), R (right), L (left). Enter a Font Size over 5. Turn on any information on your Product Label by clicking the switch on (green).

Enter any information on the Disclaimer/ Text required by your state. Click Save Settings to save the changes made to your Product Label. You can also preview your package label by clicking Print Sample Package Label on the right hand side above the Package Label preview image.

Exit Label - Exit Label stickers are required to be put on each product after the time of sale to distinguish the products on the receipt. For example, if I buy 5.67 grams of flower from your shop, you will print out an exit label and place it on the package of flower. This tells me how much weight is in each package, and keeps your dispensary compliant.

Be sure to set the dimensions to your printer’s settings, and the margins should all be .01. Font size over 6. Enter a top text (optional), turn on the Label Info that is required by your state, turn on any other information on the Disclaimer/Text. Click Save Settings to save. To print a sample, click on Print Sample Exit Label above the preview on the right hand side.

Receipts - You will add your store logo by clicking the grey box to the right of Logo. Find your store logo, and select it. Select the width of our receipt paper, enter the margins at .01, enter any Top Text you would like, turn on the Store Info you would like to see on the receipt, enter bottom text, and save settings. To print a preview, go to the right and click on Print Sample Receipt above the preview image.

Setting your margins on Chrome
If your printer connection is not working properly, please check your your Chrome printer settings. Press CTRL P to bring up your Chrome printer settings. Here set your margins to 1 and your scale to 100%.

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