Metrc does not allow transfers through an API connection, so unfortunately some of this will require that you go into Metrc. 

Step 1

Go into Metrc and create an outgoing transfer to the location of your choice, whether it's to another retail location or a return of product back to another license. Fill in any required information and upon completing the transfer, go back into GrowFlow. 

Step 2

Once you're back into GrowFlow, you'll want to navigate to

1) The Inventory page

2) Choose ‘Transfers’ 

3) Click Sync

Step 3

You should now be able to see your new 1) Outgoing Transfer as Pending, while all the 2) Packages on it should be On Hold. 

Note: We place them ‘On Hold’ so you can't accidentally sell something that is supposed to be sent off.

Step 4

Once the receiving party goes into Metrc and ‘Accepts’ the transfer, you will navigate back to 

1) The Inventory Page

2) Choose ‘Transfers’ 

3) Click Sync

At this point it will update from Pending to 1) Accepted, your packages will go from On Hold to 2) Finished and all of the 3) Package Quantity will be removed.


What if I only want to send a portion of the Package back?

If you find yourself only needing to send some of the Package back, that can be accomplished by first navigating to 

1) Inventory

2) Select the Conversions tab


3) click the Green Plus Icon to start a new Conversion.

4.Convert it back into the same type of product 

5.For the new Package Weight, include however many you're wanting to split off and then send back. For example if you want to send only one back, convert one from the original. 

 6. Generate a Metrc Tag for New Package and then copy and paste the next available tag that's listed in Metrc. 

7.Once the Conversion is finalized, follow the original steps for creating an Outgoing Transfer when Connected to Metrc but this time use your newly created split package. 

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