1. To turn on automatic transfers, navigate to  Settings - Store and toggling the GrowFlow API to On.

    2. Scroll up and verify the License Number is correct under Store Details. 

Receiving Growflow to GrowFlow Transfers

    1. Once you've set up the ability to accept automatic Transfers from other GrowFlow users you'll be able to view and accept packages from your Inventory >>Transfers page. 

    2. For an easier way to spot Synced Transfers turn on the Is Synced With State column. 

 Next, once a Producer or Processor has fully transferred the order through their side of GrowFlow, it will appear as Status >> Pending and “Is Synced With State - True”. 

  1. Click on the transfer and then Details in the top right hand corner. 

    2. On the Transfer page, verify the Quantity, Cost Per Unit and assign the Package to an appropriate Sku and Product. 

  3. Once everything looks good and is verified, click Accept & Activate. 

Nicely done, you've accepted the Transfer, easy as that! 

Rejecting Items

1. If there is an item you wish to reject, place 0 as the quantity. 

 2. If you'd like to reject the entire order, hit Reject at the bottom. 


Nicely done, you've accepted the Transfer, easy as that! 



Order Not Showing Up on the Transfers Page

If your order is not showing up, first make sure to double check your License Number and verify that the sender is using the correct one. Next, make sure to run a sync on the Transfers page. If you're still unable to find the Transfer, please contact support. 

Unable to Accept Order

You're only able to accept a transfer if ALL items have had their required fields filled out. If the Quantity, Cost Per Unit,  Sku or Product is left blank, you will be unable to proceed with the order. 

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