1. To allow the integration of a third-party menu/posting company, a GrowFlow support representative must turn that functionality on for you in your account. Reach out to our team on the chat bubble for more information! 

2. Once you have allowed the feature in the account, you will need to refresh the page to trigger the addition of the “Menus” setting on the “Settings” page. When it appears, create a new menu in the account by clicking the green + button in the top, right-hand corner of the screen: 

3. Begin setting up your menu with basic settings - Name and Type. The name of your Menu is for your internal organization, the visible "name" on your I menu will be configured directly with Leafly. The “Type” will correspond with the menu host aka the third-party integrator: 

Note: keep publishing off until you are ready to make your menu live. 

4. Next, begin designing the menu sections by adding ‘Menu Groups’. Menu Groups use filters to link your GrowFlow product templates to Menu Group types:

     a. 'Menu Category’ is analogous to the type of products grouped into a single                consumer product name. For example: pre-rolls, edibles, flower, etc

     b. ‘Display Product As’ is a setting that will name your products based on the                 custom attributes you select to be taken from your GrowFlow product template.           Here, I have chosen the naming convention of “Strain Name” by “Brand Name”. 

     c. ‘Filters’ are what will set your products to be visible in the store. You will filter              your current inventory based on custom attributes. On the Pre-Roll menu                       category above, I have chosen to have only “Pre-Rolls” from the brand “Moon               Magik” visible. 

Here is the preview of my selections:

Note - size and pricing are all set at the Product template level and can be changed there

5. Add more Menu Groups by clicking on the “Add Menu Group” button on the bottom, left-hand corner:

6. Here is an example of an additional Menu Group: 


Note: Only products with active inventory will show on your menu preview.

7. Once you are done with menu groups you will move to link your menu to the Leafly site and publish your Menu:

     a. Enter the API key provided by your account manager at Leafly. 

     b. Click “Publish” to make your menu live. You will have to have your menu                     published in order for the Leafly team to finish configuration

Note: work with your Leafly account manager to setup and manage content for your live menu. 

     c. Never forget to save!

Note: Leafly menu categories must be linked to a unique product category tag, If tags are duplicated Leafly menu publishing will not update those groups as it would contain duplicate items.

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