How to Create Other-Assets for Delivery and Service Fees

In order to add service or delivery fees to an invoice in GrowFlow you will need to create a Product of Other- Asset.

1. Navigate to Admin - Products:

2. Click Product Creator to create a new product:

3. Set your Category to: Asset - Other (each)

4. Set your desired unit price

5. Set your Product Name to: desired fee name

Now that the product has been created, inventory of this product will need to be imported so that the fee can be added to an order.

1. Navigate to Inventory - Overview

2. Click the Other button and select Import Packages

3. Select Asset-Each as your Inventory Type

4. Set your Product as the product you just created

5. Set your desired quantity (1000 is good to start with and this number can always be adjusted up later if necessary)

6. Click confirm to bring into inventory

How to Add Other- Assets(Delivery and Service Fees) to an Order

  1. To add a delivery or service fee to an order once you have added all of your other products, use the search bar to search for Asset
  2. Add the desired quantity of fees
  3. Click Preview order

You are now able to add non-cannabis products and delivery or service fees to an order.

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