This article contains the video content we've created to showcase all the upgrades and changes we're adding with the new version of GrowFlow!

New Harvest Workflow

  • Now you'll enter the total of both wet Flower and wet Other Material in one field called "Harvest Weight"
  • You can grade your Flower and Other Material right when you package your harvest, instead of having to sublot and modify the bulk items before lotting
  • You'll be taken straight to a "Package Harvest Batch" window after confirming your wet weight entries. If you want to let everything dry, then simply close the "Package Harvest Batch" window when it first opens, and come back to it later.
  • If you want any of the harvest wet weight to go straight into your inventory wet, use the "Package Harvest Batch" window to create wet Flower and/or wet Other Material - also click the "Collect Additional" box if you want the rest of the batch to continue in the drying stage
  • Tip: to separate your "Trim" or other grades of bulk Flower in the "Package Harvest Batch" window, set up bulk Flower products with applicable names ahead of time so they show in the drop down list

More info: Using Product Templates When Packaging Your Harvest

New Label Editor

Our new label editor tool allows you to:

  • Quickly create and edit custom labels like a pro!
  • Dynamic label editor that lets you drag and drop elements wherever you want on the label
  • Customize the font, orientation, background, and more on all your labels
  • Check it out below:

Skip Sublot

Skip sublotting allows you to:

  • create packages ahead of time and skip relabeling by keeping the same package ID
  • exponentially increase your order fulfillment cycle times so you can make sales even faster
  • Check it out below:

The complete Upgrade Webinar Video

This is the complete video from the webinar showing all the changes:

More resources on Product changes:

Using Product Templates on Orders

Creating Product Templates

Using Product Templates when Packaging your Harvest

As always: please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help, and have a wonderful day!

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