From the LCB:

The ability to sell medical plants is not yet functional in LEAF, but we do have a manual workaround for the time being.

The workaround would be for licensees to create a "Medical Plant Sales" room in LEAF, and then move the plants they wish to sell to medical patients into this room/area (in the system only).

They will conduct the sale outside of LEAF for now while keeping receipts/records of the sales. Then when the functionality is present, they can enter the plants from the "Medical Plant Sales" room/area as Sales in LEAF.

Thank you,
Lauren Potts
Marijuana Examiner

What you will need to do?

  1. In GrowFlow, create a new room.
  2. Move the plants to that room.
  3. Leave the plants in that room until LEAF develops the functionality for selling plants to medical patients.
  4. Save all receipts/records of any sales to medical patients.
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